Lesbian Janet gets a big surprise on a Girls Night Out

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Lesbian Janet gets a big surprise on a Girls Night Out

It was a girls night one summer day. Myself at 33 year old lesbian with 32 dd boobs my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Julie who is 34 with 32 dd boobs and we had decided to go out dancing that night.

The weather was hot and humid. Even at 2 in the morning, we were still sticky and hot from all the dancing we did, and slightly drunk from the multiple rounds of shots.

When We finally reached my house, I was the first to stumble out of the car. I instantly made a mad dash for the cool, refreshing swimming pool. With each step I took, running for the relief of the heat, I shed one layer of clothing in the yard. Once I was completely nude, I dove into the cool, wet waters, instantly feeling more alert and my nipples suddenly feeling more erect. When I had surfaced, I had noticed that my friend Julie had also followed my idea, both jumping into the pool completely naked. Only the sounds of our girly laughter could be heard under the night sky.

I had leaned against one of the walls of the pool in order to catch my breath between swimming. I had perched my arms up over the side, exposing my breasts to the cool night air. My nipples hard and erect, must have caught the attention of Julie, because she swam right over to me. Leaning up against the wall, she stands up next to me, and begins to kiss me. An incredibly passionate kiss.

The feel of her soft lips against mine and the way her tongue danced inside my mouth was sheer joy as her nipples tenderly grazed mine. I could feel her cold fingers separate our breasts in order for her hand to playfully pinch my left nipple. It was amazing. Even in the water, I could feel my pussy becoming wet and swollen, begging for her touch.

I broke apart from her seductive kiss merely to feast upon her /gorgeous/">gorgeous breasts. I took the right nipple in first, slightly sucking around her entire nipple, while flicking my tongue back sexxxx video ful hd and forth. I could hear her moan softly in delight so I reached for her own swollen pussy. With one hand, I stretched apart her lips, and started rotating my fingers around her clit.

Julie started to slide her fingers down into my panties massaging my smooth shaven pussy and then slid two fingers inside my pussy and pushing them in and out almost pushing me over the end so then i pulled off my panties to give the sexy Julie more access to my clit which she began to slide her tongue in and out whilst still jamming her fingers in and out.then we began to kiss wildly, as Julie pinched my nipples with her right thumb and middle finger which sent me into an earth shattering orgasm.

I hoisted myself up out of the pool,and help the /boobs/sexy-boobs/sexy-big-boob/">sexy big boob Julie out of the pool we then headed for my bedroom to carry on the fun which pushing her on her back on my bed,so i got on top of her. Her legs spread so far apart, that sexy Julie and I seemed to turn each on whilst i hade my two finger diving straight inside her gorgeous clit and sticking my tongue in at the same time sending julie into a great /orgasm/sexy-orgasm/">sexy orgasm and then leaning up we began kissing which would be the first to taste the /sweet/">sweet juices from each others pussy.

Her body looked so beautiful in full nakedness as she looked at me with such devilish desire. I placed my index and middle fingers inside her pussy once again, flicking them back and forth, and rotating, in order to massage her g spot frantically. Julie all the while exploring the lips of my pussy with her tongue. Gliding up and down each lip and sucking tenderly on my clit. I bucked back wildly with excitement. I could feel the walls of my pussy begin to tighten around julies fingers, and her moaning grew louder and louder and she arched her back, until she was beginning to hold back screams of delight.

The wetness from her pussy began to trickle out onto my hand. She had arched her back one final time and seemed to hold her breath as in sheer /ecstasy/">ecstasy. Once she collapsed back down on the ground, her body limp and exhausted from such a powerful orgasm, and she also returned the favour giving me such a powerful orgasm which i loved

and we both wanted to have the first taste of our sexual excitement. We both maneuvered in a way to where we could both get to slip our tongues in each others juices. She tasted sweet,so sweet in fact, I could have eaten her for hours. Our tongues met while licking up the juices, and we began to kiss.

Once sexy Julie was able to stand again, we went to the living room and finished two bottles of wine and then spoke about how great it was the fun and excitement it gave us both while sat on the couch both naked she said she wants me all to herself so that turned me on even more so i told her i wanted her even more we began kissing again and she then cupped both my 32dd xxx sex video download free com boobs whilst kissing hot.