Greek Island Getaway

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Greek Island Getaway

Like alot of women Lou had stuck with her husband due to their kids, Brian was a useless bore and had taken the easy route with everything he ever did. Lou had got he little catering business set-up with a couple of friends and to her surpricse the money had rolled in as they moved into corporate catering. Lou and the girls dragged their men into help and they all enjoyed the fruits of their labours with some nice cars and holidays.

Lou would head off early leaving Brian sleeping until one morning she returned home to find him screwing the cleaning lady.

Sue her youngest girl had just started Uni and Lou decided enough was enough, Anne one of her partners had just split with her long term partner and despite 24 years of Marriage the divorce got rather messy as their asset split up got agreed an offer for the business came in. Lou, Anne and Jo decided to grab the money and start again else where.

Lou had to wait for the finances to be settled and decided to just get away from it all, the Greek Island had been a girly trip she had misssed out on a she had married Brian so young.
With a pack on her back, some cash and credit cards she headed or Gatwick and a flight to Athens.

She found a nice small hotel and did the sites speaking to a few people she just did the tourist haunts listening to her Ipod and taking photos with her new Nikon. With her small Vvaio she could email home her photos and keep in touch with her mum and her girls. And she started to put together some catering Ideas for the new business. She ferry hopped in late September around the Islands and pitched up at a bar and Restaurant after a long ferry trip to one of the islands, the bar owner said his sister had a small hotel and she woyld have a spare room if she waited for her to return from another Island.
Late into the afternoon the ferry came in with a selection of passengers and some bikers, a Swedish couple on Hondas and a big guy on a huge BMW trail bike. Andreas the bar owners sister greeted her and they went of a mile or so along the coast to the small hillside hotel. Late in the summer the hotel had one middleged french couple staying there and Lou took the top floor suite with its own small kitchen and flat roof terrace over looking miles of blue sea to the myriad of small islands.

In the morning Lou wandered naked on the terrace before going down for breakfast and a trip to explore the island. Zola lent her a small scooter and gave her a map of the island.
Lou found the monsastry and had lunch at a small beach restaurant where the touch biking couple stopped and spoke. The told her about the beach where they were staying on the north side of the island as she was leaving.

Zola and her family would be away for the weekend and Lou said she was happy to feed herself like Yves and Claudette the other two guests.
Lou headed down to the port for some ful and took the small hilly coast road to the north where she could se a long expanse of silvery white beach. There were few people about and she spotted the two Dutch Hondas and unrolled her beach mat and towell and her tiny beach tent before going for a swim.

"Hi English" called Lauren the Dutch girl and Pieter her partner as she swam along, "Hi" she replied as they swam and talked .
Lauren pointed to their tent about 200 yards from her spot on the beach and invited her back for a drink as they swam into the shallow waters.
It was only then that she realised her companions were naked, She laughed explaining she had not realised and that she felt overdressed in her tiny bikini. The couple laughed and said they would cover up if it bothered her and she insisted she was OK with their nakedness..

Piet was quite a good looking young guy but just another man and he sat on a towel and offered her a cool coke. The couple oiled themselves and passed the sun oil to Lou advising her to look after her skin. She was thankful as her shoulders were a little red and she oiled herself withe the sun protector and smiled at the casual way Piet cooly oiled his tackle.

Late as she left on the scooter the big guy on the huge BMW shot past her with a brief wave. Lou met her French fellow hotel guests at Andreass bar for dinner and they walked back to the hotel late on. It was hot even ing and Lou lay naked on the bed and drigted off to a wine and brandy enhanced sleep. Waking early she nipped down to the bay in her robe and swam naked in the coll morning sea, before heading out for some breakfast at Andreass and then a trip to the northern beach.

Lou took her time and stopped and took some photos on the way and set up on the deserted beach efore shedding her clothes and her inhibitions and stripping naked oiling her body and laying out in the sun before taking a drink and heading out into the cooler water and slowlyswimming out about half a mile to a small rocky island, Lou had loved swimming as a youngster and three weeks walkin and swimming everyday in Greece had her feeling fitter and taughter than she had for years. As she appoached the rocky Island she heard familar voices and called out. "Wait for a minute English" called Lauren in a husky panting kind of way, "just wait a minute and swim around the rock". Lou paused and then swam around the rock to the very small sandy beach only a few yards wide. The flushed looks on their faces gave away the reason for the delay as sid the semi erect cock of Pieter a he huried into the water.

" Sorry Lou we were just having a bit of romance, OK a good fucking as you Brits say" she laughed as lou burst into laughter. " Hey you look good for". "For my age" said Lou. "Augh uj Oh well" Its ok said Lou I have kids that are nearly as old as you. "Shit, you have tits like that and a tight arse and belly and look like that" called Piet as he came out of the water. Lou laughed as she realised he was not being rude but really complimenting her. She explained that she had three girls and as theydecided to swim back to the shore they heard someone in the water.

" Hi Chris , how you doin " called Piet. "Chris is English" said Lauren he has that huge BMW. "Hello" called Chris are you Lou. "We told him we had met another Brit. Lou had noticed the BMW had a German number plate and said I thought you were German. " No I just work there he called as they all swam and chatted as they headed for the shore.
Piet and Chris decided to race to get the drinks ready, Piet was no small guy but Chris was very tall and had huge shoulders and A big muscularetaught arse and powerful looking legs as he streaked up the beach naked way ahead of Piet..

Piet threw the two women towels and the sun oil and then headed along to the beach restaurant following Chris for some lunch.
The two women dozed in the sun ubtil about 30 minutes later when Piet called to them. The two guys had large trays with cold beers and an wine in ice in and salad and meats fore lunch and fresh bread with greek dips an fresh yoghurt.

Chris held a tray with on huge hand and a ice filled cool box with the other hand by his side but what took Lous notice was the /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock that swang side to side as the guys approached them. It was unreal nearly as round as the can of coke she drank from its head nearer to his knees than his balls.

Lauren spotted Lous look and whispered "nice Salami" as Lou quickly looked away trying not to snigger. As Pieter and Lauren set out the lunch plates Chris went to his camp and a came back in a bair of shorts. They all laughed and talked and Chris explained to Lou about his job in Germany with the British forces there and Lou explained about her divorce and her family. The afternoon wore on and at about 4 they decided to swim again. Lou and Lauren a little drunk ran ahead of the men but Lou turned to see Chriss huge cock just before he dived into the water. The women swam and talked as they sobered up and Lou asked if they would like dinner at Andreass at the port. Lauren asked Piet who said yes and Chris had started to swim back to the shore, "you are invited to" called Lauren to him.

Chris swam back towards the women and called thanks to Lou as she asked the time, Ill have to get going she said as I only have that little scooter. She headed off towards her beach tent and Chris called that he would give her a hand. " No Problem" she called, "Its Ok Im on the way" he called. She walked up the beach and took her towel and dried herself and then tossed it to the young guy who dried his torsoe and then his arse and inner thighs before towelling the focal point of her interest.

"You dont have to buy me dinner" he said. "Why not"
"I can fuck you here" he said. "Pardon". "I can give you a good fucking without the need for dinner" he said calmly and quietly. "What the hell do you think Im on" said Lou.
"Youve been eyeing up my cock all afternoon and all women want to know what it would be like getting their cunt packed tight">
"Im not all women" said Lou.
"So your ex was a sexaholic who packed that /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy day and night for years with his /fat/big-fat/big-fat-cock/">big fat cock I guess".
"He did OK"
" So thats why your divorced"
"I guess he fucked you to death and you just had to get away from stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv his pecker" laughed Chris.
" I bet you haveny had any for a year "
" 3 " said Lou as he stepped towards her.

Let me touch you and then if you dont want it we can just have dinner, no strings just see if you pussy wants it he said taking a gentle hold of her shoulders staring deeply into her eyes as she then looked down at the growing trunk in front of her. The foreskin peeling back as his huge dome filled with blood and his shaft lifted rapidly hardening in front of her and he spread hi legs squatting so his cock eye trailed down he soft downy belly to her whispy pubes and nuzzled her crack as he pressedit into he cilcling the fatdome on her growing clit " you little man wants to play " he whispered to her as the light got dimmer and he slid his cock head along her moist crack as she shook gently as he moved his head rapidly between her moist cunt flaps and she spread her legswider aoffering him better access.

I relly think you need a good fucking dont you, "yes" whimpered Lou as he lifted her gently so her pussy was spreading on the fat bell end grasping at her left butt cheek he lifted her so his head gloriously slowly slipped slowly pushing into her tight cock starved pussy. she cried out as his /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock nestled tight in her. her pussy jerked back and forth uncontrolably her clit on fire as he asked to you wabt to feel the heat of my meat? She bit her lip and mubbled " god yeas just fuck it" as if her cunt was a seperate part of her, "put your arm around my neck " he ordered as he grgrasped her arse cheecks and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he forced deep into her honey dripping heaven of a cunt and she bit his shoulder as she came as he pumped her back and forth on his shaft.

Lou held on for her life her packed pussy pulsed on Chriss shaft. He then pulled out shooting his come on her bellly tits and face before she sucked hois cock clean and he packed her into her bikini and shorts and sent her on her way her fripping pussy felt /raw/">raw bumping along the rough greek roads to her cool showere where she sat in the shallow trays water soaking and stroking her aching pussy.
Before setting of for Andreass. She ordered a cool beer and selecte some wine to be put on ice as Yves and Claudette arrived and she invited them to join her.

About twenty minutes later she heard the throbbing noise of the big BMW and the two Hondas. Lauren and Piet kissed her on both cheeks and Chris whispered " I hope your cunt is ok" before kissing her deeply to the /surprise/">surprise of the others. They ate and drank and Yves was little the worse for wear and missing out on some of the English humourbefore he threw a Gallic hissy fit and stormed off to the car leaving Claudette with them.

At about 1 am they decided to head home to the hotel and as Claudette had to walk and they had so much to drink they all decided to accopany her along the beach and path back.
Within a mile and having shared the last of a large brandy bottle the group were all very drunk and LAuren decided it was time for a swim and stripped off along with Claudette Foolowed by Piet, Chris and Lou.

Lou only swam a short way before Chris was behind her and wrapped his hands aoud her /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits and pulled her arse to arse his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock slipping between her legs as she stuggeld to get away as his strong right hand parted her thighsnad he expertly manouvered his cock to her cunt as he an handled her to the beach. In and Erotic scene he wresteled her onto the beach on her knees in the moonlight grasping her hips tightly he pulled her onto his shaft. she was sure she heard a pop like sound sas his head drove into her pussy and she luxuriated on his mangnificent dick head before he slowly satrted to work back and forth deeper into her hungry wanton spunk hole. " FUCKING BANG MY PUSSY" she moaned out loud. /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard YOU FAT COCKED BASTARD" , " I WANT THAT LONG COCK TO FILL MY WOMB WITH SPUNK YOU BASTARD" she cried out alerting the others. Lauren whispered to Claudette about the white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie guys appendage as the middle aged French woman struck out in the moonlight for the beach.

As the moon came from behind a cloud the huge mans body was lit as he firmly and forcibly shafted back and forth back and forth into Lous aching /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt. His big ball bag slapping into her above the gentle sounds of the lapping waves., Cest magnifique or something murmered Claudette as she moved in for a closer view of the free sex show as the pair had got into a rythm aa they parted and met lous tits swinging back and forth and gently slapping together as Claudette started to frig her own cunt and play with her tits as Lauren srpread her legs and fingerd her pussy before her hand was replaced by Piets busy tongue and she quickly came as the other three made their own moves and contented fuck sounds and exclamations as Piet whispered to her.

She had agreed that she owed Piet one after an indiscration wanking off her boss at the Christmas party.

Lou was in seventh heaven her eyes closed in sexual oblivian and euphoria as her cunt farted as it was so spread open as Chris pulled out and then slammed back in expelling air that her pussy gulped in and then vibrated her stretched pussy walls as she was slammed full and she was oblivious to Piet taking her hair as he asked Chris who was to converned with hi own actions to care. Her mothed opend to suck in a breath and got a sea salt 7 inches of Dutch dick as he graspe at her swinging tits and sshafted her mouth. Lou swallowed the torrent of come from Piets dick and was sure it would bounce off the gallon of spunk that Chris unleashed in her womb as she heard the moaning and groaning of the two wanton women wanking themselves off in the lapping water. Piet fell back on the beach as A little shocked Lou swallowd the last of his load as her final orgasmic spasm subsided on his twitching shaft. And she crashed under him. Claudette may have been in her fifties but she was not slow as she quickly Sprang onto Chris as he rolled onto his back. If he needed time to recover he was not going to get it as Claudette grasped his balls tightly and frantically barked orders at him in French as she worked his cock into her pussy. She could have won a rodeo bucking bronco contest as her cunt spread deeper over his shaft and she gyrated back and forth to her orgasm her tits doing a frantic "Can Can" with the speed of her pumping action until she cried out what sounded like filthy /french/french-sex/">french sex talk.

As she came Claudette swiftley swang her legs behind her and turned squatting over the young guys face lowereing her pussy to his eager tongue instructing Lauren to be quick as she wanked his still hard cock. The utch woman was not going to miss her opportinity and stopped frigging her pussy sppread her pussy flaps and sunk onto Chriss hard shaft as the trio worked together Chris eating the French puss as the Fit y ng dutch woman rode his fat shaft and Claudettes tongue busilly lapped at the hard shaft and clit until all three came again.

Lou was exhausted, still drunk , and tired as she tried to take in what she had witnessed as she felt the exotic feelings as a tongue worked its way between her swolen pussy and trailed around her sore aching clit and she spread her legs eyes closed as she dreampt of a man eating her pussy and woke on her terrace sun bed as Chris smiled and worked his way up her body.