The New Babysitter

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The New Babysitter

It was a Friday night which means that the Jacksons would want to go out to eat by themselves, but their longtime babysitter had moved away. Desperately they called their friends /daughter/">daughter Sarah who was 18 years old had the night free so she agreed to come over and watch their eight year old daughter for the night. When she arrived at the Jacksons the two of them were had their coats on and about to leave.

’Jenna is asleep and you shouldn’t have any problems with her.’ Mrs. Jackson told Sarah.
’Ok. I’m sure I’ll be fine.’
’Oh, and Brian our 16 year old son is next door if you need anything.’
’I should be fine.’

With that Mrs. Jackson and her husband drove off. Sarah shut the door, went into the family room, and turned on the tv. It was ten-thirty when she realized that they got HBO. When she turned to HBO there was a /softcore/">softcore show on. Normally she wasn’t interested in this stuff but there was something about the house that excited her so she left the show on. Soon she found her hand move down between her legs where it was already a little moist.
Next door Brian decided to come home early because his friend Jake had work to do. He had forgotten that his parents had left for the night and was confused when the only light on was the family room light. He decided to take a quick peek and he saw a /girl/hot-girl/hot-blond-girl/">hot blond girl sitting on their couch watching /women/nude-women/">nude women on tv. The window was position right behind the couch so he could see down her small tight shirt that had to hold her D-cup breasts from popping out. His cock started to get hard as he saw her hand down her shorts. When he realized how long he had been starring at the babysitter masturbate on their couch he walked inside.

He heard Sarah jump up to change the channel but forgot about her hand and he noticed that her hand was soaked with vaginal juices.

’Hi, I’m Sarah.’ She stood awkwardly, ’You must be Brian.’
’I’m babysitting your sister.’
’Ohh, ok. I came home a little early from next door. Do you want some company?’
’Sure.’ Brian walked into the hall to hang his coat up and returned. As he was about to sit down next to her he motion to the opposite corner.
’Do you want to play a game?’
’Ok.’ As Sarah got up to get a game she noticed a bulge in Brian’s pants and she got an idea. On the floor along the wall were a pile of games and she stood on the other side of them so she was facing toward Brian and bent down. Brian couldn’t help but stare down her shirt and at her /gorgeous/">gorgeous breasts. Then she looked up.

’How about cards?’, she asked and a smile appeared on her face when she caught his stare.
’That’s fine.’ he barely managed to say. They sat on the floor on opposite sides of the coffee table and started to play gin rummy. After a few minutes he noticed her play with her hair, run her hand across her breasts and even lean over more to give Brian a better view. Now with a semi-erect penis he went out on a limb.
’Mind if I change the channel?’ She shook her head. Brian changed it to 77 and entered in a parental password. Sarah milf porn videos realized that he had put it on the Playboy channel and was unbelievably horny now. She paused for a brief few seconds and grabbed all the blowjob porn videos cards.

’Lets play another game.’ She said.
’Like what?’
’Strip poker.’ Brian quickly agreed and she dealt the cards. After the hand he won with three kings.
’Well I guess I need to lose some clothes.’ She stood up and gave him a look that could only mean one thing, she was horny. Sarah started working her small blue shorts down revealing the top of her /underwear/">underwear, turned around, bent over, and pulled her shorts all the way down. She was wearing a pink thong. Brian had to adjust himself because of his hardening dick. They played another hand and this time he lost.

’Looks like you’ll have to wait to see my chest.’ She said with a smile. He jumped up and took off his shirt showing her his flat abs and big biceps. Sarah found her hand under her thong again. They played another hand and this time she lost.

’Strip girl.’ he commanded. Sarah pulled her tight shirt over her head and the two large firm breasts bounced out along with /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. She fondled her boobs for him which he enjoyed greatly. They were large enough that she was able to lick her nipples. They quickly got off another hand and he lost.
’Lets see your underwear.’ He had some trouble pulling his pants down past his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. When he was done she saw his boxers were acting like a tall tent because of his hard on. She licked her lips. Again they quickly got another hand off and she lost. She pulled off her thong and quickly replaced it with her hand. Then she grabbed a chair and spread her legs so he could see her extremely /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pink-pussy/">wet pink pussy. Then they he purposely lost the next hand. His 9 inch cock sprung out and Sarah started to orgasm a little as he started stroking it.

’I have a new game to play.’ she said. And she crawled across the table and grabbed his cock with one hand she started to stroke it . He told her to put it in her mouth. Sarah not only took in her mouth but she swallowed the whole nine inches right off the bat. This turned him on so much he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it back and forth. This was /blow/best-blow/the-best-blowjob/">the best blowjob he had ever gotten. He reached with his hand to her pussy and started rubbing it. Her free hand met his at her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and she made him stick his fingers in it and rub her clit. He made her place her hands on his ass so she was gobbling up his entire cock with her mouth.

’Ooh yes /bitch/">bitch.’ he said. ’You’re the best cocksucker ever!’ Sarah was turned on by him thrusting his hips in her throat. He pulled it out of her mouth went he was about to cum. Now he eyed the /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts. Brian lowered himself and started sucking her tits while finger her clit. The hard nipples felt good on his inexperienced tongue.

’Fuck my tits.’ She begged. He laid her on the coffee table and straddled her so he could slide his prick between her tits. Every time he pushed it in her tongue was there to greet the head. Not that this wasn’t fun for Brian its just that he wanted more.

’I wanna fuck your pussy.’ Sarah moved onto the couch and went into doggy position and Brian went behind her. Slowly his cock went into her pussy causing her to moan fairly loud. He grabbed her shoulders and sped up his pumping. And she got louder with her moans to the point where she was screaming and gasping. Then he saw Jenna, who was apparently woken up by her inability to hide her pleasure, standing at the door watching. Brian was too far into screwing the babysitter to mind her. When her panting died down a little he pulled out, laid down and she climbed on top of his long wet cock. Sarah pushed herself up and down hard making her orgasm quickly. She screamed loudly, her bouncing breasts were glistening with sweat, and her hair was flailing about. He was knew he was going to cum soon but he had always wanted to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth and on those great breasts.

He quickly repositioned her so she was sitting and he had to work a little to get his cock in and out of her vagina. He pulled it out, raised his cock to her mouth and pumped. Her body was still convulsing from her enormous orgasm as he shot cum all over her face and those boobs of hers. He had never shot out a load that big ever. Sarah ignored the hot sticky cum and sucked everything out of Brian’s dick. Brian then looked up to his confused little sister and Sarah turned to Jenna completely /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum and Brian’s cock in her mouth. She wiped the cum with her hands and ate all of his juices. In fear that his parents would be home soon Brian cleaned up the wet couch while Sarah grabbed Jenna still naked and wet to her room and told her not to mention it again. They then fondled each other for the next hour and she gave him another blowjob.