My mates dad

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My mates dad

When I was 18 years old my friends dad caught me playing with my self just as I came. He just stood there for around five minutes as my dick slowly shrivelled up and drained of cum then he walked out and thankfully never mentioned it!

I’m now 25 and around a month ago while drying off after a shower in the /gym/">gym, who should walk around the corner but my friends dad! He said hi then looked down and gasped and said ’My my you’ve certainly grown!’

I’d always kind old waman xxxgx of had a crush on him so I let my towel fall and turned my arse towards 
Him as I bent to pick it and was very glad to see his cock start to grow hard! I decided that I might as well have a little fun so I started to slowly stroke my dick and pull the foreskin back off the massive head as I asked him how he’s been. He was rock hard by the time he got in the shower and so was I! 

I went back and got dressed all the while being incredibly turned on by the thought of him sucking me off. As I was leaving the gym he caught up with me and asked If I needed a lift any where and I said sure. As we where driving we chatted about every day stuff but he would occasionally stroke his still still /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick through his pants and as I was wearing fairly loose trousers and no boxers he could cleary see a big tent in my lap! After a while he asked where I wanted to go and I said ’how about we go up to the woods by my house its nice and dark up there’ as I smiled and stroked him through his trousers, he swallowed hard, croaked out an ’o.k’ and drove us too the woods.

When he parked I got out and started to walk into the woods and after a few minutes he followed. When we got far enough in I stopped and turned around he looked /scared/">scared and asked ’what do we do now?’ I pulled down my pants revelling my 9.5inch uncut cock and said ’now?now you suck my dick and swallow ok?’ he nodded and got to his knees in front of me and started to suck on my /fat/">fat head and play with my balls. 

After a minute or two I was ready too shoot but I made him stop and stand up. Then I pushed him against a tree and undid his pants and took out his 6.5 inch cut dick and started to wank him then I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. He came pretty much straight away and I swallowed every last drop then I turned him around and pulled down his trousers revelling a very nice little arse! So I made him lick my finger then I slid it in his /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. He let out a soft groan and said ’please be bokep sma pecah perawan easy.. its my /first-time/">first time’ I said ’its ok’ don’t worry’ then I got down and started to lick his /asshole/">asshole sliding my tongue in and around the rim and slowly working my finger in as well. 

When I’d gotten it nice and wet and myself rock hard and started to press my cock against it and slowly push it in. He let out a low moan and winced as the head popped his anal cherry and I had too stop after the first three inches but after that he relaxed and took the hole thing ! He even started bucking towards me to get it deeper!

I shot my load three times in his little /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole before he was too sore to keep going!

He then asked if he could fuck me and I said next time and he dropped me home. We meet five times a week and fuck for hours and next week I’m bringing a friend!