Judy And I Fool Around At The Other Local Bar

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Judy And I Fool Around At The Other Local Bar

This was Judy's second time of fooling around. This story started us on our story time /trip/">trip. It happened three months after Judy slept with Kevin. In my last story Judy and I met at one of our neighborhood bars. The bar we were in this particular, Friday night was the other local bar. It had eight dart boards and that was all the activity, except for the drinking. The bar was a set down relax and talk to all your friends, type bar. There was a seat open next to me and one next to Judy. Judy and I were deep into conversation, we did not pay any attention to the girl who sat down next to me or the guy who sat next to her.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Donna setting next to me and her husband Jay had sat down next to Judy. We had met them one other time in the bar. Donna was a fox, she always dressed provocatively. In fact, she was a turn on to every male in the bar. Her husband Jay was a little over weight and was a good size guy. He was real Quiet, he didn't seem to have much to say. It was about seven and we all started talking, of course I had a hard on for Donna. We had about three drinks when I came up with an idea of going over to our place and listening to some music. Everybody said all right, so we split.

When we got to the house, Judy sat down on the couch and Jay sat down next to her. That sort of shocked me, I had know idea what was going to happen. All I wwwxxx knew is that I wanted to get into Donna's panties.

I said, "Who wants drinks?"

Donna said, "I will help you get the drinks ready and take them to our partners."

She took her husband in a beer and I pored Judy a glass of wine and gave it to her.

She came back into the kitchen, she looked so sexy, I wanted to jump her right there.

Donna said, "They are into some kind of conversation, so what are we going to do?" She jumped up on the counter setting with her back towards them.

I said, "I have a feeling we are going to find something to do."

Donna had on a short skirt and I could see that she was not wearing any panties (I guess I am not going to get into her panties). I put my hand on her leg and started running it up to her pussy. I found out very quickly, it was shaved, my favorite. She put her arms around my neck and started kissing me. At that moment I found gold, that shaved pussy, she was dripping wet. Three fingers slid in and she gasped and instantly started getting off. I put my other hand over her mouth, so Judy and Jay would not hear us.

I kept looking into the living room and those two were still deep into conversation, they did not react to any sounds coming out of the kitchen. Donna got off two or three times. She dropped down to the floor, on her knees and pulled my cock out. She started licking my nuts and licking the underneath of my cock. She stuck it into her mouth running her teeth, up and down on it. Donna really gave a great blow job. Oh, yes I got off and I didn't make a sound. Remembering, how big her husband is.

We got our drinks and went on into the living room. We all listened to some music, Jay and Judy danced to a couple of slow ones, that really surprised me. They seemed to be getting along pretty good. Donna and Jay stayed for about two hours and decided to go home. I really never expected to see them again. Thought if I did, it would probably not be under good circumstance. I got the feeling that Jay was the jealous type. Life went on, Judy and I really never talked about those two again and we never saw them at bar again.

A month later Judy and I went out for dinner, it was a Saturday night. I had a lot to drink, Judy had to drive home. I was getting ready for bed, I was real tired and very drunk. Judy had pored herself a glass of wine, it was about ten. There was a knock on the door.

"Who in the hell is here at ten, I slurred out, "Judy get the dang door."

Judy opened the door and it was Jay, he was sober. I thought to my self here goes. I said, "What's up Jay."

He said, "Not much, Donna has left me and I need some one to talk to. I remember how good Judy and I got along, I thought maybe we all could talk."

I said to myself, "Oh boy, we should charge him for counseling. That's just what I need, an all night session."

I said, "You two go ahead and talk I have to go to bed. I am really tired and I have had to much to drink."

I went right to bed and fell asleep as soon as I hit it.

The next morning I got up and had my coffee, Judy got up about eight, she got herself some breakfast and sat down.

I said, "How did everything go last night. I bet he was a pain in the ass, also very boring."

She just smiled at me and didn't say a word.

"What went on, how long did he stay?"

"About three hours, let me finished eating and I will tell you about it. You will want to go to the bed room."

"You have to be kidding, Jay?"

Judy said, "You are not going to believe what went on, right now neither do I."

I went in the bedroom and turned the television on and Judy came in twenty minutes later.

She took everything off and crawled in bed with me.

Judy started talking, "After you went to bed I came to check to see if you were all right cause you were pretty drunk. I decided to change my clothes and put a T shirt on with no bra and my sweats, just to get comfortable. Then went back out and sat down next to Jay. A tear started down his face, I didn't know what to do. I reached out and held his hand and wiped the tear away. What happened between you and Donna, Jay?"

Jay says, "Donna has left me and I think she was cheating while we were together. Every time we went some where, she seemed to have eyes for all the other guys. In fact, I think something happened between John and her."

"Big tears started running down his face. I put my hand up and started wiping the tears away. I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. He put his arms around me and put his lips on mine, wow what a kiss. I had enough wine in me, that it felt really good to have his arms around me. I really felt sorry for him, he was like a big puppy dog. He put his hand on my tit and started rolling my nipple around. Our lips were still locked together."

He looked at me and Said, "Do you think John will come out? Right now I might want to do something physical. I know it was not his fault and he is not the only one, I am just hurting."

I said, "Stay calm, I will go check. I walked into the bedroom and you were sound to sleep. I was a little /scared/">scared but that kiss got me turned on. I could feel my pussy getting really getting wet."

I came back into the room and said to Jay, "No he is out of it. As I walked over to set down Jay pulled me into his lap. I did not resist, he pressed his face in between my boobs, he started sucking on my nipples through my T shirt. My nipples were so hard and I was so horny. He pulled my T shirt up over my head putting his lips back over my nipples and was flicking his tongue real fast. I really didn't want to touch him, I just wanted all the pleasure. While he was sucking, he put his hands inside my sweats and pulled them off of me. Here I sat totally nude on his lap."

He said to me, "Stand up."

"As I was standing, he was nibbling on my stomach and running his tongue inside my belly button. He had his hands on the back of my ass. When I had stood totally up, my pussy was right in his face. He brought his hands to the front and spread my pussy lips a part and started licking my clit. I couldn't take it anymore. I started moaning, Oh my god I'm getting off, it feels, Oh! Oh! Oh! So GOOD. He stuck two fingers inside of me and found my G spot, I had another the wwwxxx /climax/">climax. He was very good at pleasing a woman. I must have cum three times. It totally drained me. I clasped back into his lap and he just kept stroking my tits and kissing me."

I said, "Judy stopped the story, I am not ready to cum."

Judy kept moving her thighs up and down she was really turned on to her story. I had never been with her when she was this turned on over a story this much. We were both starting to get off at the same time. I could not hold back anymore. We laid there for about fifteen minutes.

Judy started talking, "Jay stood up and took his clothes off. He wasn't real large, I just wanted him inside of me. He laid down on the couch and he was real hard. I put my hand on his cock and started stroking him. I got on him and sat down on his cock it went right in and oh my god it felt good. He reach up and started playing with my tits squeezing them really hard and I started moving up and down real slow. For some reason fucking had never felt like this before, maybe it was that I had total control of the situation. He started pushing his cock in and out faster and faster. I could feel myself letting go once more. I had my eyes closed and started biting my lip. The feeling was so intense, at that moment I felt his cock jerking inside of me, I could feel his cum squirting. I was getting off at the same time."

He said, "Oh, Judy this is wonderful."

"We both clasped in each others arms. We laid there for about a half hour holding each other."

He finally spoke up and said, "Why don't we go get a motel, I feel I owe John nothing."

I looked at him and I knew that this was a once and only time and I said, "Jay this will never happen again. I love John and I would never do that."

He said, "Ok, you can't shoot a guy for trying."

I gave him a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss and said, "I have to get some sleep. He got dressed and out the door he went."